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  1. Thinking of you Bob!
  2. Heeeeey you! I sent you an email the other day. How are ya?
  3. Howdy, stranger!
  4. I'm baaaaaack... Are you ever on here any more?
  5. Hiya Bob I hope that the new job isn't overworking you (and you still like it) and that all is well with you and your family. Merry Christmas!

    PS- you'll have to tell us how the Disney Halloween party went!
  6. Hope things are going well! Miss you! :D Happy October 1st!!!!
  7. Thanks for that coutdown reminder! I can't believe Halloween is so close!!!!
  8. 17 weeks 'til Christmas, Bob! Hope you're doing well!

    (and 9 weeks until Hallowe'en! )
  9. Glad to hear...Ha ha, I really haven't been on there much.

    Good to see you too!
  10. I've been good- glad to be seeing more sun lately! Are you still enjoying your twittering?

    Good to see you!
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