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  1. you can reply now, I cleared my inbox
  2. Hi...can you clear your private message box, can't reply its full....
  3. Hello, how are you my friend,hope soon you will join us here like you used to
  4. Hi Snowflake...
    Got a spot of bad Arthritis, they are deciding which one I have.

    Really pleased you passed your exams, I knew you would..

    Have a good day my friend..
  5. what's wrong with your health? I hope it's nothing serious
    I'm really good,we're expecting some snow tommorrow so I'm really looking forward to it but we will see
    Right now I have one week off because I passed all my exams, next Monday is starting new semester.
  6. Hi,snowflake...

    Not doing too bad, just sorted out some health issues then should be back to posting...

    How's things with you, and studying?
  7. Hello,what's new with you?
  8. so no free time for you? I have,thank you,hope you enjoy too
  9. Hey, I'm been busy cooking and getting the girls ready for University...

    Hope you have a good summer...
  10. I will How are you spending your time?
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