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  1. Hi angelpugs...

    I hope your weekend is peaceful and stress free..
    Hugs to the hugs..
  2. Hello tink pugs hope you have a great weekend they send pug hugs and smooches,enjoy your weekend dear friend.
  3. Good Morning angelpugs..

    Glad the weather has finally bucked up a little.Hope you and the pugs are
  4. Hello tink hope you have a nice day as it's going to be nice here we're having better weather which is nice as i can take these guys out and enjoy.we send love and pug hugs to you.
  5. Good Morning angelpugs..

    I hope you and the pugs have a lovely restful Sunday..
  6. morning tink going to be staying put as this is going to be some storm going to be movies and cuddling with pugs except those quick potty breaks.Enjoy your day pugs send warm hugs to you.
  7. good morning my friend glad you got it,we're enjoying our days here pugs send hugs and say merry christmas to you.
  8. Good Morning angelpugs,
    Best wishes to you and the lovely puggies..hugs back to them..
  9. Hi tink hope you have a nice day pugs send hugs to you.
  10. Welcome back...

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