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  1. Good morning tink baking sounds good hope you are enjoying the day sounds it.I'm getting a few new pieces of furniture today so i'll be busy decorating the house and i may bake a little.Love to you take care sweet friend.
  2. Hello my friend just changed a few things here like my address and posted a few more pics of my babes got some things done here while the babes are napping then we'll be going out for a bit.There are some nice cute shops around here it really is cute we have been so at peace since we have been here.Hope you enjoy your day as well,love buggy,darla,angelpugs!!
  3. Hi angelpugs...

    Thanks for the address.... Glad your settling in OK, it sounds so
    peaceful. Can't wait to see some photo's..

    Take care of yourself and the puggies..
  4. Hi tink,hope you have a very special day enjoying my morning coffee.Oh my address is 52 quincy st.apt.2 North Adams Mass.01247,even though it's like half a house that's the way it's put and their known as a hamlet not little town guess i have to get use to new england'as it's under,all i know it's beautiful and we are so happy.
  5. Hi angelpugs...

    Great to see you.. I hope your move went smoothly and the puggies are
    enjoying their new home..

    Take care..
  6. Hi...

    Glad all is going well, can't wait for the update and photo's.
    You take care of yourself and the puggies and have a happy new year...
  7. Hi tink,will talk to you in a few days as i'm moving this weekend so when i'm settled i'll be back up and running in my new home as i will post pics for you.We are so excited as i can't wait to be there it's so beautiful pugs send hugs enjoy your new year.
  8. Hello my friend....

    Glad you popped in..

    See you soon..
  9. Hello dear friend have a very merry christmas and thank you for being there as i will be back as soon as i get settled and will be posting alot of photos for you all.
  10. Good Morning angelpugs..

    I hope you have a great start to the week...

    Hugs to the pugs..
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