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  1. yes,it's depressing but I'm really looking forward to the next Christmas Happy New Year to you too
  2. You are welcome I agree Christmas came and was over in a blink of an eye. It's depressing.
    Happy New Year
  3. Thank you for your lovely card
  4. Hello Silverbells
    Yes,I know.... it's horrible I couldn't be on the forum around Christmas and actually I felt really bad because of that. The fact is I had really hectic last wek before two weeks break and just didn't have time for anything.Now I feel Christmas is gone and I didn't even enjoy it as much I thought I would,hate that.I mean Christmas was wonderful but it came so quickly and now is over
  5. Hello my friend Just wondering where you are as Christmas draws near.
  6. you have few days off? Thank you friend
  7. I'm fine. Going to start work myself soon. I really liked your Christmas decorations and all the photos. Awesome my friend
  8. Hy,I'm great,been busy a lot with studying.I have now few days off and then from Monday I'm starting again.How are you?
  9. Hello my friend How are you? I haven't seen you for quite a while!!!
  10. hello
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