View Full Version : YEAH I can...Did anyone take part in THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS MOVIE IN MINNESOTA???

11-09-2019, 08:28 PM
THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS MOVIE was an inventive VHS movie that families starred in, as actors with Santa. A relative of mine did it in 1990, it was done from 1988 - 1990 in St. Paul, and Mankato Mall of Minnesota...USA The customers read lines from cue cards, short and easy for kids. And this portable TV studio had 6 cameras all in place in front of backgrounds, which were portions of the full movie stage sets, used to film the main movie.

Customers were edited into their VHS copy, LIVE while they recorded. And in 1 hour or less, they walked out as movie stars...I mean...this was thee most personal christmas ever.
You had your own 30 minute christmas special. Anyone here of that. It's DISNEY stuff, done outside of disney.... = meaning it was like they would do in their theme park. Actors on the tape were Santa Claus and Mrs [John and Phyllis Elbert], Wizard Actor [Steve McKillen, a big actor in MN films these days], a Mom Character, and the Spirit of Christmas Actor. The main heros who save christmas, are YOU the FAMILY.

The company that started this, has attempted to do this via the internet, but has no way to find customers without a major TV ad, so that idea has been dropped. For myself, I cannot think of a better Christmas special, than one you star in. Lord have mercy, what an idea. I hope they find funding. My families VHS copy fell apart and is no longer playable as the tape disintegrates over time....So sad....I hope I can find a youtube to share, but so far...not yet. I have not watched this for more than 20 years...but you all are fans of Rudolph, Frosty and the many PUPPET animated christmas specials....this was like that. The company, Gateway Video Productions...now Virtualsantaandme they really spent the time editing this. It was round 30-35 minutes, and they chose music from this CHRISTMAS JOY album I talked about, and scored this little personal film just like a hollywood film.

If anyone reading this, Did This Movie [news paper archives show...1988 Victorian Christmas Riverplace Mall Minneapolis, 1989 Bandana Square St. Paul, and my relatives did this in MANKATO MN Mall in 1990] , still has their VHS copy and you can upload it to youtube....please add this as a reply to my thread here. Anyone would get a kick out of it.


11-11-2019, 04:19 PM
I have never seen it, but I think the idea sounds really cute. I believe they do something similar (not Christmas themed) at the Luxor hotel in Vegas.