View Full Version : Issues Again

11-23-2018, 02:06 PM
Left forum for a bit and came back and i was logged out which i did not do,then wouldn't let me log in even with the passwords that were sent said they were invalid,then got a message that my email user was barred and i only did two times but said i used all 5,it has been nuts and i hit saved for my password and email and it didn't sorry but,i'm one who doesn't like forums with issues.Had a forum which certian things like this happened then i was asked to do another email so went got another one and same issues,so we'll see how it goes but,things keep happening i'll have to leave as i do love you all and i'm glad chantelle did this and followed her heart i just can't go that,i even went under firefox for that other site as i went to mozilla for another site and still issues so this is why i just can not go this.I'm sorry but,this is me it seems like i'm the one who changes and then i have issues with my computer after deleting these other browsers now i have a good system on mine and so far no issues,no virus's,hackers nothing,as i said we'll see how it goes as i truly love you all and i'm very happy allthings is back up so we will see.