My babies

photos of the loves that stole my heart.
  1. my darla and i she is my love.
  2. Darla she knows moms taking her picture.
  3. my bunny darla lol.
  4. she's my snuggle girl.
  5. they are getting comfy again it's naptime lol.
  6. "hey mom"she is a cutie and can be a devil lol.
  7. buggy hears sissy coming.
  8. my girl all tuckered.
  9. my boy sound asleep.
  10. she's on the move.
  11. she's letting brother know this is her "puter time" lol.
  12. babes working on their tan.
  13. she sees herself lol.
  14. playing peek-a-boo.
  15. that "what"look she's my devil.
  16. buggy and darla napping away.
  17. buggy is comfy now.
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