our new home.

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pics of our new home and some of my country decor.
  1. darla and buggy napping.
  2. darla with pug-a-tude
  3. darla all covered in snow,moms snow pug
  4. before the hard snow started.
  5. darla and her new bunny.
  6. Hi aunt tink it's darla.
  7. Hi aunt tink it's me buggy.
  8. buggy playing with elmo.
  9. darla getting kisses from mom.
  10. my diningroom.
  11. mountians most mornings.
  12. my computer girl she's moms shadow.
  13. buggy just loves the sun.
  14. my girl and her stuffies she won't sleep without them.
  15. mom and darla snuggling.
  16. my babe sleeping.
  17. my darla girl.
  18. buggy napping so comfy.
  19. my babies both so cozy.
  20. heres my princess.
  21. buggy and darla relaxing together.
  22. snowing pretty good,we just love it.
  23. this is early morning it's snowing.
  24. as it gets a little harder.
  25. buggy still guarding he loves flowers.
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